We love Australian music! Based in Rouse Hill NSW, Unreil Studios are driven by a deep passion for supporting Australian artists and musicians and our mission is to provide an innovative space that inspires talent and collaboration.

Unreil Studios is not your typical studio; we are a creative hub that offers a wide range of services and amenities designed to meet the diverse needs of artists. From our music retail store stocked with essential accessories to our rehearsal live room equipped with recording capabilities, we are here to support every step of your creative process.

Our large cyclorama wall provides a canvas for photographers to bring their visions to life and musicians will appreciate our recording room, allowing for cost-effective music releases without compromising on quality.

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    our mission

    Our mission is to create a supportive community that empowers Australian musicians and local talent to thrive in the ever-evolving music industry. We are dedicated to providing essential resources, opportunities, and a platform for artists to showcase their creativity, all while helping music enthusiasts who share our passion for making a positive impact on the Australian music scene.

    UNREIL Studios

    Unreil Studios is driven by our passion for supporting local talent and the Australian music scene. We can’t achieve our vision alone; we need your support! When you become an Unreil Studios member, you not only receive discounts on a wide range of music accessories but also gain access to exciting prizes. Your membership directly supports Australian artists and helps us strengthen the Australian music community. The more members we have, the better we can support our local bands and musicians by providing resources and opportunities. Your membership also increases the number and value of prizes we can offer.

    By becoming an Unreil Studios Member, as a supporter; you play an active role in shaping the Australian music scene. Your support enables us to provide the essential tools, spaces, and resources that our local talent needs to thrive. If you’re passionate about music and want to make a positive impact on the Australian music community, consider becoming an Unreil Studios Member today.